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It’s Beginning To Look Home

It is beginning to look like Home Sweet Home. The sod is out in front, The sheetrock is all taped and ready for paint. The windows are being trimmed out. This will be ready for buyers in a short few weeks!

Sheet Rock and HVAC Installation

The sheet rock installation is progressing well.  The heating and air conditioning have been installed.  Still waiting for rain!

Close To The Home Stretch

The crew going full speed ahead.  This morning most of the first floor had sheetrock.  The  photos upstairs show the insulation in the roof, the dormer, and the ducts.  This house will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  After the sheet rock is taped and prepped for paint, the house will be in the home stretch.  The front and back are ready for the installation of the landscaping.  Now we really need the rain to start.  It held off while the roof was finished but the ground is extremely dry.  Anyone know how to do a rain dance?

Major Progress In Rehab

This project is moving quickly! The concrete masons are about finished with the entry ways front and side, stairs in the front, the retaining wall by the street.  The inside has all the new windows in place, the insulation and the sheet rock is next.  Come back soon to see the progress!

Bricks, Accent Color and Inspections, Oh My!

The brick masons are finishing up the exterior, the black gutters are in place.  The accent color is different on purpose.  We are looking for feedback on the color.  What do you think?

Once the electrical and plumbing inspections are complete, the interior will take shape.  Hopefully, in a few weeks it will be ready to show.

End of Second Week of Renovation

Let it rain! The roof is on, the soffits have the accent color, the white gutters will be replaced with black gutters in a couple of days. The upstairs plumbing for the bathroom and the laundry is ready for the inspectors. The stairway has been replaced. The project is moving on entering the 3rd week!

New Roof Makes House Safe From The Elements

495 Daniel Ave is a beehive of activity.  The roof is being installed, the plumbing is going in upstairs for the bathroom and laundry room, the bobcat is getting the trash from the back to the dump truck.  The roof will be complete in a day or so and the house will be safe from the rain.

Rehab Progress Already Very Visable

Take a look! Lots of progress everyday! The front of the house is more inviting everyday. Framing continues both downstairs and upstairs, some of the new windows are in, the bathtub is placed in downstairs bathroom.
The upstairs has the bathroom, laundry room, closet framed.
More tomorrow on the progress!

Almost 1 Week Into The Rehab

Less than 1 week in to the rehab, everything is beginning to take shape.  The front entry is framed, the roof is a few days from getting shingles, the retaining wall in the front by the street is in place waiting for the finishing stone work.  Check back in a couple of days.

Third Update

Here are some more pictures of the renovation taking place at 495 Daniel Ave, Decatur, Georgia 30032.

BTW, If you would like to see another home, that we have worked on, that will give you idea of what 495 Daniel Ave. will look like when it’s complete, please check out the blog for 623 Daniel Ave, Decatur, Georgia 30032, or give Rita a call – for information about either of these homes. (404) 447-7998